Fashion Haul #3

Salaam!!! I present you the third fashion haul 🙂

If u guys wonder why are there always the same model on my page because they are my close friend. For now, they are the person who will do a photoshoot with me.

But all of us have the same mission, that is to inspire people out there about how to be fashionable. I also discussed what should I put inside my blog, inside this fashion haul contest. We finally decided to put more stories from behind the scene of this photo.

Photo theme: Vintage x Urban Style

On Frame: Yuya @Yuyamsns and Syahab @Zahrasyahab

Venue: Starbucks Coffee Shop, Kemang, South Jakarta

Snapped by: Canon EOS 500D Lens 18-55mm

Edited by: Polarr Photo Editor


Outfit description for Yuya:

Well, Yuya is a small person but her confidence is high. She is also starting her make up artist career and you can follow how she beats face @makeupbyuya. Fortunately, Yuya and I have so much in common, like fashion and style taste. One of them is vintage style and flowery pattern. We also love bright, pastel, and dimmed colour. Actually, her style here and the previous post is not much different. Here are the details:

  • Vintage nuance top – you can choose either put it behind your pants or let half of it out.
  • Cutbray embroidered pants
  • Lace-up brown boots
  • Fur mini backpack, that in fact fit a lot of her stuff


Outfit description for Syahab:

Syahab is one of a kind, she is an odd number you know. She said she won’t styled herself in front of the camera if she doesn’t feel comfortable enough, well that is a principle she holds. This photoshoot is actually her first appearance on camera, so cheer up!! Here are the outfit details:

  • Oversized denim jacket
  • Black long shirt
  • Black skinny jeans
  • Black chelsea boots

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a student at High School of Islamic Philosophy - SADRA a member of SPS, a pres institute a member of LAFAS, a research institute of Philosophy and Mysticism

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