Fashion Haul #2

Hola!! The second fashion haul is here!!

I also hope this can add more references to your outfit inspiration. But always remember, fashion is universal so you can mix and match it based on your taste 🙂

Keep scrolling to read the description of all the photos.

Photo theme: Vintage Style

On frame: May Syurah Nur Sakinah *You can find her on Instagram @Yuyamsns

Venue: Blok M Square, South Jakarta

Snapped by: Canon EOS 500D Lens 18-55mm

Edited by: Polarr Photo Editor

Outfit description:

  • Oversized denim jacket
  • Vintage nuance top – you can choose either put it behind your pants or let half of it out
  • Cutbray embroidered pants
  • Lace-up brown boots

Published by dydy

a student at High School of Islamic Philosophy - SADRA a member of SPS, a pres institute a member of LAFAS, a research institute of Philosophy and Mysticism

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