To My Younger Self

To my younger self, I said:

“You spin my heart,
in a windy day.
You spin it,
back and forth.
No limit,
no limit.”

“You wreck my feeling,
in a rainy day.
You wreck it.
Nothing left, nothing left.”

“You throw false statement, when we fought in the basement.
maybe it’s not what you meant. But it degrades my confident.”

To my younger self, I show:

Be genuine, be honest.
Be brave, be modest.
Be humble, confess.

Don’t be afraid to grow old, it’s just a phase.
A phase of hundred phases of mess.
But all days are like gold;

Published by dydy

a student at High School of Islamic Philosophy - SADRA a member of SPS, a pres institute a member of LAFAS, a research institute of Philosophy and Mysticism

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